The Truth About Custom Essay Writing

Custom essay service is a growing industry. More people choose to buy a custom essay either because they lack the time or the ability to come up with a good one within the assigned time frame. There is a misconception about this service and many people don’t really understand what it is about. In this article we will explain the whole truth about custom essay writing.
Who Actually Buys Custom Essays?
If you think that lazy below average students are the ones who buy custom essays then you are very wrong. The truth is that more and more students and employees choose to buy custom high quality essays to save their money and energy for something more important. Students who go to very stressful schools that require a lot of work and effort find it very hard and sometimes physically impossible to meet all the deadlines. For this reason, a lot of students who go to top schools choose to buy custom essay papers that they can submit on time.
Why Is Buying A Custom Essay Different From Plagiarism?
There is a big difference between buying a custom essay that has been especially made for you and a copied one. Professional custom essays are not plagiarism. They have been uniquely created for this purpose with a lot of research and effort. They have been well written, revised and referenced and there is a huge amount of effort that has been put into every unique piece. Also these essays are usually written by high quality professionals who know a lot about the topic discussed.
Is It Moral?
This is a matter of dispute that is subject to many opinions. Education is a separate industry on its own. Schools and colleges do accept a large number of applicants and some of them are not even English speakers, yet they are required to submit high quality English papers in various topics.
Moreover, the study schedule is very hard to keep up with, regardless the fact that students will be required to put everything on hold for spending some time researching the topic and coming up with a quality essay. So while some people might argue that students are being graded for something they didn’t really do, there is another argument that these students are most of the time asked to do things that they simply can’t finish.
Custom essay writing has a lot of benefits to foreign students, students who have jobs and older students who have to take care of their families. It is really hard to say that it is wrong to have a custom essay done if you don’t have the ability to write one on your own.
Students do take the time to research the topic, provide the right resources and provide editing information for the paper before it is submitted. So in a way they do put some effort into the paper, too.
We think writing is a skill that only a few people have. We believe that the industry of custom essay writing is providing a good benefit for various parties.