How To Prepare A Research Paper Outline

Writing a research paper can be overwhelming and stressful. But writing and finishing a good research paper is not an impossible task. There are a few steps that you need to follow if you are planning to write a good research paper. Here are the best steps to prepare a research paper outline:

  • Choose a topic:
Choosing a topic will determine how easy the assignment will be for you. Choose something that you find interesting and challenging. Narrow your topic down and avoid topics that are very specialized or technical.

  • Find the information:
When you are trying to prepare an outline for research paper, you will probably go online to find resources. Pay attention the extension of the URLs you are choosing. Choosing a site that has (edu) or (gov) extension ensures that the information written is more reliable than what you might find in blogs or other generic sites. Look for printed information in the library. These will include government papers, scientific papers, publications and periodicals. Make sure that the information is up to date and is still valid.

  • State your thesis:
Writing down your thesis will be the most crucial part if you are trying to learn how to write a research paper outline. Your thesis will be written in one statement and your whole assignment will be dedicated to support and explain this point.

  • Divide your assignment into segments:
It is very important to divide your assignment into introduction, body and conclusion. The body part will be further divided into main points that will be tackled and discussed in detail.

  • Organize your notes:
Analyze and sort the data that you have already collected. Make sure that everything is verified and up to date. Pay attention to the opposing views as well. Avoid including any information that is irrelevant to the topic or that you don’t fully understand.

  • Write your draft:
When you sit to write your draft, avoid trying to edit or review anything. Make sure that you sit to write without any interruptions. Start with the first topic, read all the notes and then write. Repeat this step until you have finished everything. Now you will have a draft that needs to be edited.

  • Proofread and edit:
This is the final stage of your research paper. Read everything and double check the figures and the name. Delete irrelevant information or things that have been mentioned twice. Check grammar and typos and make sure that everything meets the criteria of the assignment.

Preparing a research paper outline can be easy if you follow this list of suggestions on how to get research paper help .