10 Fresh Distinct Essay Topics to Choose for Your Paper

When you have a writing assignment, the first thing you need to do is to choose among some essay topics the one you’ll like the most. This is an important task and you have to be cautious when doing this not to make a mistake in your decision.

Choosing from the Best College Essay Topics

  • Free health care.
This is a hot topic right now and some people think free healthcare is their right. What do you think about that?

  • Immigration in the 21st century.
Illegal immigration is the thing the US and Europe are trying to stop right now. Is it even possible or maybe current immigration laws are now outdated?

  • Avoiding as an issue.
Avoiding is a huge problem as many people choose it as a response to something negative. Discuss the moments when you’ve done the same.

  • Awkward moments of your life.
This can be a fun or a sad story, in which you’ll retell your own experiences with social norms and reactions.

  • The right to bear arms and your opinion on it.
This is another hot topic you can discuss. Is it the guns that kill people, or people that kill other people?

  • Standardized tests.
Should those even take place nowadays? Do they show the true capabilities of students?

  • Lowering the voting age.
Are those who have reached 16 capable of voting? In some states, people of underage are able to vote in primaries, but can’t then vote in general election.

  • Community service.
You have to do some community service hours to graduate and to enter a college. Is it really fair? What’s the reason for this? Should such volunteering be mandatory?

  • Gerrymandering as an issue.
This is a big problem and politicians spend a lot to prevent it, though it still happens. Discuss the ways to stop it.

  • Violence and video games.
Recent research has shown that there is no evidence for saying that games promote violence. Discuss your views on that.
Advice on How to Choose a College Essay Topic

There are many good essay topics and you have to choose the one you really are interested in. You also are better with the things you already know something about, have faced in your life, etc. It would be beneficial to choose something that you can research and use that knowledge later. For example, if you’re planning to take a gov’t class later, you can do some research on gerrymandering.

Choose something you feel strong and passionate about. Feelings make a good author. And with passion, everything becomes possible and you can write better and don’t feel burdened with your assignment.